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“My musical life started when I was 3.  I write, produce and license in the music business and have known David for nearly 20 years - ever since we first started a ‘jam band’ playing at parks and outdoor cafes.  From the start, I was absolutely impressed with David’s musicianship and skill.  He can adapt to virtually any genre or style, brings a tonne of energy to performances, and is perhaps the most consistent and dedicated musician I know.  He’s no music ‘princess’ either, cares about people, and comes with a solid character.  It’s no surprise to find him teaching the next generation as well as performing enthusiastically wherever the inspiration takes him!”

-Trevor Gregory



"David is a wonderfully positive person who seeks to have everyone win he comes in contact with. He is a great team player. He is great at connecting people together who compliment each other. He is passionate about music and a very talented professional drummer. David has an ear for discovering talented musicians. He knows the value of good promotion for artists."

-Stephanie DeGraw

"Whatever David puts his mind to, he works at it with all his energy. He is dedicated to his craft and those he works with/for."

-Hollie Taylor

"Dave is one of the kindest mentors I have had. Even though I have not recieved lessons directly from him, through his inspiration, passion and patience I have learned to appreciate the drums not just as an instrument but as its own music. I have seen him play live many times and each time I see him it completely blows me away how tight the grooves are. I would reccomend Dave to any band. He is just an all-around great guy and even greater player."

-Mackenzie McDougall

"During my time teaching at Music Makers alongside David, he always demonstrated a deep knowledge and understanding of music. His positive personality allowed him to engage with parents/students effectively. A pleasure to work alongside."

-Alex Labbe

"I have known David for 7 years now. Since this time, I have played music with David on many occasions. I have found that he plays very professionally and he takes great dedication and passion towards performing live music. He is able to create an energy that goes unnoticed when playing live and can pick up many beats and play various music styles. David uses professional equipment and has made a considerable investment in gear and in practice time as a serious drummer."

-Eddie Black

"I've always known Dave to be a hard-working, dedicated employee. He continually strives to bring out the best in his students.I wholeheartedly endorse Dave in his endeavour to obtain a Drum Instructor position at Rhythmic Studios."

-Steve Z.

“David has been teaching our son drums for over three years now.  Both in a lesson facility and online via Skype due to the current pandemic.  It took us a couple of instructors previously before we found one that motivated Alex and who he felt comfortable working with.  We would describe David as always having a positive attitude, encouraging and kind instructor. Our son has come along way with his skills since the start of having David as an instructor.  We would recommend him to anyone who needs someone that can alter their teaching style easily based on his students needs. We believe David genuinely cares about his students progression.”  

-Sarah Philippon

"Our son has been taking lessons from David for several years. David has a great rapport with his students and has a laid back instructional approach which our son has enjoyed and which has continued to develop his drumming skills. I would highly recommend David as an instructor."

-Mary Kay Fortin



"For several years, I worked alongside David as a stage technician. My duties was to provide monitor support for David. during the time we worked together, David displayed his impressive drumming skills and live show performances not just to me but to thousands of people watching in house and online every show. David has exceptional drumming skills, works well with others and as I recently learned, he is an amazing teacher."

-Stephen Frost



"David has been very instrumental in helping me take my drumming skills to the next level.  He has an easy and friendly manner about him - when he teaches me a new drill or drum fill, I’m able to follow his easy instruction and replicate the strokes on my own kit.  As a new drummer, David has also helped me with the basics of drum kit maintenance, setup and tuning so I always get the best sound out of my drums.  Every lesson we’ve had together. David has been prompt, dependable and a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend David for any drumming instructions you are considering."

-Robert Kotler

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